The body mass index (BMI) 108kg in lbs for many is a way of determining whether they are thick or not. Surely you have heard more than once from athletes or those who lead a healthy lifestyle, are fond of sports and are not lazy to keep accurate records of all eaten (BZHK), that their BMI is 20%, but it must be brought to the cherished 10%. We want to say that we should not focus on the indicator, the formula for which was derived 200 years ago. He completely ignores the individual characteristics of the human body. 😉

The body mass index is the ratio of body weight in kilograms to the square of growth expressed in meters (kg / m2). The formula was derived by the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Kuetetlet in 1832 and was then called the Kuetetlet index. After 140 years, it was renamed the body mass index.

There are female and male types of obesity. Women suffer from areas of the buttocks and thighs – gynoid obesity. For men, excess weight in the trunk region (especially the abdomen) is visceral (abdominal) obesity.

If after calculation your index was less than 18.5 108kg in lbs, then you have too much leanness. People with a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 are considered normal. The index from 25 to 29.9 indicates an excess weight – I degree (excess body weight). Indicators from 30 to 34.9 indicate obesity (grade IIa), from 35 to 39.9 – pronounced obesity (IIb), above 40 – pronounced, or morbid, obesity (grade III).

As we said above, all people are individual and the fact that your index was above 25 does not mean that you are fat. The video below demonstrates this perfectly! The index of the body weight of the hero video is 25.7, but this man, even with a very big stretch, can not be called fat. 😉

If you want to know your real body mass index, ask specialists who will do it for you using more scientific methods. It is foolish to rely on only two parameters – height and weight 108kg in lbs, since weight depends on many components.

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