Despite the fact that Anna Watson cheerleader has long been a mass phenomenon, many still perceive it as something frivolous, and sometimes even very incomprehensible. What make cheerleaders on the sports field, who they are – these questions can often be heard from people who first saw the clockwork of girls with pompoms.

Who are cheerleaders?

anna watson muscleThe word “cheerleader” has a lot of US equivalents, but the most correct is the definition of “member of the support group.” In fact, cheerleaders – this is something in between dancers, gymnasts and acrobats, or rather they have the skills of all these disciplines Anna Watson muscle.

Performances of professional support groups are similar to a bright show, these are well-delivered dance-acrobatic performances performed at a very high level. And although traditionally it is believed that this phenomenon originated in the US, its roots are much deeper and date back to the era of antiquity – the time of the birth of the Olympic movement. Then, between the competitions, too, entertaining performances were arranged to raise the fighting spirit of the athletes. However, the first official cheerleading club was officially registered in the 60s of the last century in the States.

At first everything was much simpler: members of the support group Anna Watson cheerleader, most often they were guys, went out on the field under the musical accompaniment, took out the symbols of the team, sang verbal or hymns. And only then the desire for greater spectacularity and effectiveness resulted in modern cheerleading. Today, this is already a full-fledged sport, in which competitions and championships are held.

What do cheerleaders do during a sporting event?

However, at present, the cheerleaders have not lost their basic duties – to provide athletes with moral support during the competition. In addition, their performances entertain the audience, fill in the planned pauses, add brightness to any sport. Usually show numbers do not last more than 10-15 minutes.

Own competitions cheerleaders

anna watsonThe first European championship in this sport was organized in 1995 , after which the tradition of its holding became annual. Today, also world championships are held – every 2 years. The competition has its own clear program, which includes the construction of pyramids, dance, black shows, individual competitions of captains, competition of chants and acrobatic numbers.

More often than not, teams have exclusively female members, but there are no prohibitions for the participation of young men. Cheerleaders must certainly take care of the appropriate equipment: each team has its own firm form Anna Watson cheerleader, its colors, pom-poms and other auxiliary accessories are also an obligatory attribute.

Training cheerleaders

Before taking part in the competitions, the chederdiders have to work hard during the training sessions. By intensity, they are not inferior to the training of professional athletes Anna Watson muscle. Standard training includes a warm-up complex, general exercises, for example, jogging and jumping rope, movements borrowed from fitness – to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility, and only after that acrobatic and dance program exercises follow.

How to become a cheerleader?

In amateur cheerleading – which consists only in the support of your favorite team, accept all. But professional only suits the strong people who are already engaged in some kind of sport, close to the subject. Girls are also presented with such requirements as an attractive figure and face. To competitions are supposed only after a year of intensive trainings.

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