Fat Saitama (One Punch Man) (サ イ タ マ, Saitama) – the main character of the manga OnePunch-Man and the strongest of modern heroes. Lives in an abandoned city Z.


A young man of medium height, strong, strong and healthy. Lys. Earlier, three years before the main plot of the manga, was a short-cropped brunette fat saitama. The cause of alopecia, according to Saitama, is excessive physical activity. Eyes of a dark-brown color. The costume of the hero is a light yellow jumpsuit with a short lock on his chest, a white cloak fastened on his shoulders by two large, round, black buttons, bright red gloves and boots, a wide belt belt with a heavy buckle.

The appearance of Saitama


For superhero Saitama is a pretty cool guy. Due to the fact that even the most powerful opponents lie before him after the first strike, he does not take the job seriously. Constantly in search of a worthy opponent, in order to somehow dispel boredom. Nevertheless, as a hero, he does not ignore small criminals, reinforcing his actions with the following phrase: “If the characters are running and hiding, then who will fight ?!” – this indicates that he completely does not understand the “level designation system destruction “.

Thanks to the murderous combination of inconspicuous appearance, disregard, invincible force and “not spectacular” appearances, Saitama’s battles tend to be disappointing fat saitama. As a rule, it gives the opponents the opportunity to pretentiously present their strength, great plans to seize the world and its insignificance, and then suddenly blow them down with one blow.

Funny fact: Saitama constantly forgets the names and faces of those whom he has already met, which is clearly expressed by the example of Sonic and Tiger in Mike.


Little is known about the past of Saitama, except that he lives alone in his own apartment. According to Saitama, even in his childhood, he spent a lot of time watching the superhero shows, and he dreamed that someday he could become the same hero like them.

On the second school day of his first year in high school, Saitama reads a textbook on health and physical education, but has not heard from other students about what happened to the freshman who called himself “The license-free rider,” after yesterday he was beaten up after two-year-old hooligans.

Everyone knows that in order to achieve the power to defeat any enemy with one blow, you need for three years every day:

  1. Do a hundred push-ups;
  2. Do a hundred squats;
  3. 10 km of running;
  4. And sotochku on the press.

Everyone also knows that it is necessary to do this as it would not be hard, even if your hands make strange sounds, even if you spit blood, even when the heaviness in your legs is unbearable, and with all this you do not use the air conditioner either in winter or in summer to to train the mind!

And the price for this is a brilliant bald head and super-power!

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