3 years ago Gabi Garcia sexy decided to seriously change her training program and, in particular, the diet. The final result of the transformation we could see with you at the recent European Championship. Many were impressed by this, someone was left with the opinion that Gaby is still as huge as ever … That’s what the athlete of the team, the Alliance thinks about changes in her body.

gabi garciaIn social networks, Gaby posted this picture, which demonstrates the whole process of transformation, and wrote the following:

“Many people ask me to post pictures before and after the diet period. I also received a lot of criticism for these photos, many did not understand that I did it in order to help people achieve their goals. I’m still far from my own. I do not want to be skinny! My goal is to show better in training and competitions. I know how bad it is to be out of shape, and in any case I do not want to return extra pounds! I respect my time and my body type. I like to be big and I will never be small! The first photo was taken 3 years ago. There was no miracle, I did not achieve it in one night. “

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