I do not want to say that before you is the choice to be either beautiful or healthy Greg O’gallagher Height. I want to say that this way will not do without pain, restrictions, stress, breakdowns and injuries. Yes, injuries. In our strategy, we will try to minimize them. But, as military strategists say, not one battle has gone as planned.

Another such moment. From a medical point of view, for example, a healthy percentage of body fat is 15% for men and 22% for women. And from the point of view of a beautiful appearance (press cubes, clear shapes, etc.) – this is less than 10% for men and 17% for women. This fat content, in fact, is below the “healthy” norm. So you need to decide in any way what you really want. This article is about creating a figure “a-la fitness model.”

The second thing you need to know:


Again, not everyone is lying. But to find a sound grain in a huge flow of false materials is very difficult. This is largely due to the fact that the fitness industry is ruled by people who use or use steroids and other anabolic chemistry.

And figs with him, that most “chemists” greg o’gallagher height pretend to be “straight”. This can be explained, since the use and sale of hormonal drugs without prescribing a doctor are considered illegal. I would even look through the fingers of the fact that the fitness models, being examples for imitation and promotion of training, have chosen chemistry as the most simple and affordable way to make money. The trouble is in the other.

Most of these people who sell techniques to you, shoot videos and even write books, SINCERELY believe that chemistry is just an assistant. Roughly speaking, if you eat and exercise like steroid guys, you will get good results. Is that not in the volume, and not as fast as they are. But this, unfortunately, is not so. Train on hormones and naturally – it’s completely different things. This can be a separate book to write.

I am not a fighter for natural training, I have nothing against chemists (this is their choice). I’m not an adept at HELL. As the song says: “If you fucked in the tower, then what the fuck * that is not fucking *”. My task is to see that everything is in order with the “tower”, and we would get the desired results.

The third thing that we need to admit:


This point is indirectly related to the previous one. Here you need to give a good explanation. Simply, it would seem, what could be more logical than taking the training methods before the appearance of steroids in sports and applying them in the existing realities in practice? But, it’s not so simple.

Since the middle of the 20th century, the way of life has changed dramatically greg o’gallagher height. I am now talking about nutrition and our motor activity. We began to eat more carbohydrates and other processed high-calorie food, less to walk and more to ride, a lot of staring at the screens and little sleep.

We initially are in different conditions than future athletes of the past (sorry for such a pun). For example, they faced a difficult task – as there is MORE. The world has experienced 2 world wars, several economic crises. There was not enough food.

And today we got a round-the-clock access to the refrigerator, greg o’gallagher height sugars, fats, semi-finished products, etc. etc. And then there is already an acute question, as there is LESS. We have disrupted eating behavior, we seize the stresses, we eat on the machine in front of the computers and TV monitors. As a result, we are either just fat, or “fatty drisch” (muscle is small, fat is high). Do you feel the difference with the situation that was in the last century? Because it is she who will determine our strategy. Now we’ll move on to it.

Gregory O’Gallagher

Greg O'gallagherGreg O’gallagher grew up in Toronto, Canada. His father, Michael O’gallagher, was a real estate Mogul, who died when Gregory was 11 years old. His mother, Alanna O’gallagher, rose Gregory and his three brothers and one sister. Determined to take control of his life, Gregory quickly discovered his passion; fitness and martial arts.

At the age of 18, Gregory went to the University of Guelph in Canada to study business and marketing. After leaving school a year later, Gregory launched an online brand called Kinobody. By 2016, Kinobody had become one of the world’s leading fitness programs with over one hundred thousand customers.

After creating a massive change in the world of fitness and accumulating very large social networks, Gregory decided to pursue his next passion, the film. In just a few months, Gregory has already performed and Executive producer in two feature films.

Gregory very carefully studied with the canadian actor and acting coach Richard Chavolla to continue to develop their acting skills. Gregory O’gallagher is thrilled to continue to speak and Executive produce more films and teamed up with a Hollywood Manager and plant Henry Penzi.

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