Former UFC jon jones height and weight champion John Jones (link is external), awaiting nearly a year of USADA’s decision to punish the re-failed doping test, admitted in the Instagram that he had paid too much attention to battles for a long time.

“What is happening in the arena attracts all attention. This is the nature of the beast, but at this moment you do not notice other details outside the octagon. You do not notice what’s important outside the cell. I’ve been in this state for a very long time. Too long, frankly speaking, Jones wrote. – It would be difficult to deny my opportunities in the material world, but in the field of consciousness the work has not yet been accomplished. You understand this, because they all see it. And most important jon jones height and weight: I now know what road is in front of me. Correcting something is not easy, but the work testosterone suspension already done opens my eyes to what is possible for me. The reward is worth the effort. I found a completely new motivation. For success, you need to understand why you are doing this, and I have many such reminders. Everything will come with time. I have reconciled myself. ”

jon jonesThe verbal skirmish of the light heavyweights of UFC Daniel Cormier and John Jones height and weight continues. This time, Jones reacted to Cormier’s statements made earlier.

“Are you saying that I’m nobody? It sounds so dumb. I’m only 30 and even at this age, with several years of suspension, my achievements are many times yours. And now every your victory goes to me for credit. You know perfectly well who dreams you at night. I’m sure that your wife also knows.
You tried to convince the fans that I defeated you twice because of some kind of doping, but apparently you convinced yourself of this. Well, go ahead. But I will rejoice you – after all, in my next fight I will be as clean as possible, I guarantee. And we’ll see how you will dominate this time, because I’ve cheated the last two fights.
In general, good luck to you jon jones height and weight. I always dreamed of being a heavyweight champion also. Who’s your daddy? “Jones said.

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Answer Cormier also did not keep waiting:

“You are a scoundrel and always will be!” Sit aside and watch me become a great, steroid rogue. And let’s not talk about wives. I think that after all that nightmare that you have created in recent years, I could talk with your wife, more precisely with your girlfriend, more precisely with the mother of your children, who is not even in a relationship ”

Recall that Jones twice fought with Cormier and twice defeated him, becoming the only fighter who could do it. However, the result gain mass fast of the second fight was canceled due to the failure of Jones doping test.

Cormier, while Jones is dealing with the USADA anti-doping agency and does not speak, already on July 7, being in the status of the UFC light heavyweight champion, to fight with Stipe Miocic also for the champion belt in the strings. In case of victory, Cormier will become the second fighter in the history of the UFC (after Conor McGregor), who will keep the champion belt in two weight at a time.

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