Career Sylvester Stallone rambo 3 body received a rapid development after the role in the movie “Rocky”, which won the “Oscar” in 1976. This film and the Rambo franchise have kept him in the public spotlight for decades, despite the fact that the actor’s career has experienced both ups and downs. But, what do you know about Sylvester Stallone outside the images of Rocky and Rambo?

He got into the boxing hall of fame

In 2011, a man who played Rocky Balboa, joined such stars as Mike Tyson at the International Boxing Hall of Fame. However, this decision provoked a protest from some boxing enthusiasts who complained that Stallone, who boxed only on the screen, had nothing to do with the Hall of Fame of real professional boxers, but Stallone sent all the haters to the knock-out with his speech at the ceremony.

Stallone still feels pain

During the filming of Rocky IV, Stallone asked Dolph Lundgren to hit him as hard as he could and eventually ended up in the intensive care unit. Many years later, after filming a fight with Steve Austin for the film “The Expendables”, Stallone was taken away from the site with a broken neck (which was only normalized by a metal plate!). In short, his grimaces on the screen are quite real.

It was called “the next Brando”

After the success of “Rocky”, Roger Ebert wrote that Stallone has every chance of becoming the second Marlon Brando. The statement, at the time, was not surprising, taking into account the general features of Balboa with the hero Brando in the film “In the Port,” and the shrill cry of “Adrian!” Would have liked Stanley Kowalski from “Tram” Desire. ”

Stallone is a fine artist

rambo 3Can you imagine Cobra (another steep character played by Stallone) standing by the canvas with a palette and a brush in his hand? And worth a try, because abstract oil paintings – one of the hobby of Stallone. Still skeptical? His paintings are no less than the role in the films: two paintings by Sylvester Stallone were sold for $ 90,000.

He has his own clothing line

Actor, screenwriter, director, artist, and now … fashion designer. After strong fluctuations in weight between the films “Rambo 2” and “rambo 3 body”, Stallone discovered a new passion for making clothes rambo 3 body. The target audience of his brand are men aged 25-40 years. What is the name of his corporation? Of course, “Sly Inc”

He loves Edgar Allan Poe

Many of the actor’s fans know that Stallone is crazy about Leonardo da Vinci (as evidenced by the poster in the movie “The Expendables 2”). But far fewer people know that he is also “obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe.” Moreover, over the last 10 years he even worked on a biopic about the writer’s life rambo 3 body. And his respectfulness clearly outweighs his ego: “Of course I will not play Po,” the actor said.

Stallone “hit” on Woody Allen

Not in real life, of course, but in Allen’s whimsical comedy “Bananas” of 1971. His hero was upset when his attempts to beat the old women were interrupted.

His brother Frank is no less steep

sylvester stalloneThe younger brother of the actor is singer and actor Frank Stallone. They co-starred in the movie “Hudson Hawk” and a series of films “Rocky”. But Sylvester’s younger brother Stallone is fond of boxing and in real life. He is a consultant of the fighting scenes, and also had a boxing match with the TV journalist Gianni Rivera and won the fight.

He was filming porn

In 1970, the unnamed start-up actor Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone starred in a “soft” pornographic film called “A Party for Kitty and the Herd”. For the shooting, lasting two days, the actor received a fee of two hundred dollars. But when, after “Rocky” came to him fame, the film, of course, was reissued under the name “Italian stallion”.

It’s hard to believe that Sylvester Stallone has turned 70 years old rambo 3 body. Not so long ago, the actor was in the top five most highly paid actors of the planet, and the total box office of the films with Stallone was $ 3.7 billion.

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