Kind time of the day Rusev weight and height, dear fans of wrestling. Today I decided to deal with one of the main injustices of the modern WWE, namely the fate of the Bulgarian wrestler Rusev, whose career in WWE is full of unexpected successes and tangible falls. And yet, I without any problems found five peaks of “brutus” in the main wrestling promotion, which he already certainly will not take.

Miroslav Barnyashev in the early 2000s immigrated to America with the clear goal of becoming a professional wrestler. He trained for several years under the leadership of Rikishi and performed in small promotions, until in 2010 he signed a contract with WWE, after which he moved to Florida. The next four years passed under the sign of two serious injuries – first Rusev weight and height, and he had already received his ring-neck, tore cruciate ligaments and a meniscus, and then completely survived a neck fracture. Damage temporarily paralyzed his left arm, and to develop it sooner, he went to Thailand, where he studied local martial arts. At this time in the NXT, he had finally turned into Alexander Rusev – a wild silent hero from Eastern Europe, whose actions are skilfully managed by the fragile snow queen Lana. Rusev moved to the main roster in 2014, and won the first match on PPV in a handicap-duel against R-Truf and Xavier Woods. Registration in the top division and became the first top of our hero.

rusevOn the wave of deteriorating Russian-American relations, Lana announced that Russe now represents the Russian Federation, which led to confrontations against veterans of American wrestling. Sooner or later it was to lead to fyudu for the star-striped belt, and Rusev weight and height still crossed the road to Seamus, then U.S. champion. WWE was not too lazy and rolled out the title fight on the Main Event to promote the Network. The Irishman resisted to the last, but the murderous “acolada” forced him to surrender, while Russe won his first title in WWE, which was his second top.

It is worth noting that the Bulgarian by this time has already accumulated a significant striker of victories and had a zero in the graph of defeats. He scored several significant victories on American wrestlers, but just after Royal Rumble crossed the road to John Cine. And first on PPV Fastlane, he knocked out the “leader of the synagogue” with a painful reception, which did not happen for more than ten years, but then lost in the title fight at WrestleMania, having received the first defeat in the main roster. Yes, only we did not care about the spit for that match, because before the fight the world saw one of the most spreading “cranberries” in the history of world wrestling.

After that, the Bulgarian rolled into an incredibly necessary fyude against Dolph Ziggler, where Lana’s love was at stake. While the blonde was kissing with a show-off on the screen, TMZ in early October published a news about the real engagement of Rusev weight and height and his manager. After that, the pair fell into a strong disfavor towards the leadership of the federation, which resulted in squash and humiliating confrontations in the low-cost. But who cares about the career, when the Bulgarian seized such a sultry wife, which became his third peak in the WWE. Lana herself really has Russian roots and even korjavenko speaks to the great and mighty, which, however, did not prevent her from acting in frank photosessions and now is one of the main beauties of the American promotion.

Six months later, Bolagrin was again allowed to raise his head, after which he won in the Battle Royal for the championship of the United States, which at that time owned Kalisto. On a happy for himself PPV Extreme Rules, the Bulgarian managed to overcome the brisk luchador and for the second time in his career become the champion of the USA. Despite the fact that he was returned to the moment the image of the Bulgarian monster, all subsequent rivals focused on the antagonism between the American nation and the owner of the star-striped title. And since in WWE they never forget anything, the bookers decided once again to teach Rusev for his impudence, for which they brought him against Roman Raines. I do not think it’s necessary to be a genius to understand how it ended, but the second US title became the fourth top in the career for “brutus”.

After that, Rusev again began a black streak. After PPV Fastlane, he simply disappeared from the screens, and even during the shake-up of his roasters, his transition to SmackDown was not marked by a sharp turn in his career. Until summer, he only recorded promo, but only in late July began to appear in the ring. After this, a brief fudu against Randy Orton followed and teaming up with Aiden English. And here happened what no one could have expected – a jokey confrontation with the “New Day” resulted in the appearance of the phrase Happy Rusev Day. And the fans simply demolished the roof – they bought all the merchs with this ketch-phrase for a week, so that by Christmas, WWE stocks were empty, and it was necessary to finish the new circulation. He was also dared, and yesterday we were presented with a new merchandise, the fate of which is already predetermined by multiple orders. No one can understand why this phrase against the background of the Bulgarian flag has found success with the fans, but it is logical to assume that after the Royal Rumble the alliance of the Bulgarian and the singing baritone will be paid close attention. And the success at the end of 2017 was the fifth top for Rusev weight and height.

Maybe Rusev is not the most technical wrestler in WWE, but his mu-set and charisma allow him to make certain bets on him. Throughout his career he plays the role of a bad and wily guy, which periodically brings him dividends, and will be extremely curious to look at the further development of the Bulgarian career in WWE. Love wrestling, like art and as a sport. Until next time.

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