Anabolic steroids is a multibillion-dollar business. Manufacturers, without stopping, are working on the creation of various innovative “miracle powders” and tablets that bring “incredible”, according to them, results. How not to get caught in the next marketing trap and what kind of anabolic steroids to begin a beginner with, we will deal with this article.

Hi, athletes and anabolic women! Today I will “burn” the topic of anabolic steroids. I will reveal a whole bunch of interesting questions, such as: “Anabolic steroids for beginners” or “What anabolic steroids is best for muscle growth?”, Etc. The topic is, in fact, almost bottomless, so in every article about anabolic and steroids I will set an ultimate goal with which I, in fact, write this article. This article will give you an understanding of the meaning of anabolic steroids, how to choose and what to use.


The content of the article

  • Do I need anabolic steroids?
    • Is anabolic steroids a divorce?
    • The benefits of anabolic steroids
  • Anabolic steroids for beginners
  • What anabolic steroids to start with?
    • Vitamins and Minerals
    • Amines
    • Testosterone
    • Fat burners
    • L-carnitine
  • Which anabolic steroids firms are better?
  • Conclusions about anabolic steroids

Do I need anabolic steroids?

testosteroneMany newcomers in the gym, not even having time to pick up the dumbbells, immediately begin to be interested in “experienced jocks” what kind of anabolic steroids they should take.

The comicity of the situation is that the latter often respond to newcomers: “Drink more oxandrlone, buy testosterone, well, there, BCAA, where without them, still pretreatment, throw in vitamins and do not forget!”.

As a result, the newcomer goes to the store, takes the money, do not understand where, and buys the entire listed list, which was advised to him by the near builder.

The newcomer thinks: “Well, that’s it, now my bank will definitely grow like Arnie’s!” In the end what? He still remains a puny rogue, and his money was just flushed down the toilet.


Anabolic steroids is necessary for the existence of professional bodybuilding. The development of any industry, as a rule, is trivially limited to financial investments in this industry.

Anabolic steroids brings Billions of dollars in revenue annually. Notice that these are not six-figure millions, but nine-figure fabulous sums.

From the point of view that such a huge income from sales of anabolic steroids contributes to the development of bodybuilding, because magazines are printed with this money, advertising is done, and athletes are sponsored, which is good.

But there is a downside. The fact is that with the appearance of a steroids for sale on the shelves of people, people began to believe again with the existence of a magic wand or tablet, which with a minimum expenditure of energy can give the owners of this product an amazing physique.

Our essence is so arranged. The body tends to store energy, so it is very unwilling to part with it. A workout at the gym is an incredible stress for the body! It requires a lot of energy. No one wants to spend it, while when you can lie on the couch and continue to grow your lazy ass.

I want to give a little (strength), and get a lot (a beautiful body).

And manufacturers of anabolic steroids all at hand. People want to believe that doing almost nothing and having eaten something magical can become athletic and sexy. Why not help them with this?

Look at the ads of various manufacturers of steroids for sale. There is a big colorful jar on the shelf of the store with the screaming name Mega Oxandrlone, it has a loud slogan written: “Crazy growth, like a bull, without lifting f * ny from a sunbed”, as well as a professional bodybuilder with a perfect physique and excellent proportions.

Well, how can you not believe that all this allows you to grow without making almost any effort?

Advertisers and manufacturers of skin out jump out to prove to you that this particular whey oxandrlone will give you 15 kg of muscles per month or some other similar garbage.

Is anabolic steroids a divorce?

anabolic steroids a divorceAnabolic steroids is FOOD! This is not a pharmacology or chemically synthesized drugs, but the anabolic effect of steroids for sale, often the same as from the usual balanced diet.

For example, I happen to buy anabolic steroids only if I understand that in the near future I will not get a normal, balanced, often eat.

For example, when I leave for a business trip or when I simply can’t have time to cook myself a meal for the whole day. It’s just convenient. Instead of eating a delicious boiled chicken breast with vegetables, I replace a couple of meals with a delicious oxandrlone strawberry cocktail.

Another plus is that oxandrlone from anabolic steroids can be picked up according to the speed of assimilation (fast, medium, slow). In practice, this plays a less important role than it is described in modern magazines. Much more important is the total calorie intake per day.

The benefits of anabolic steroids

  1. Convenience store and use.
  2. Ability to select the speed of assimilation.
  3. As a rule, oxandrlone from 100 g of oxandrlone is cheaper than oxandrlone from the same meat.
  4. Sufficiently high steroids value (good amino acid and oxandrlone combinations).
  5. Convenience of dosing large doses of nutrients (for example, to get 1 teaspoon of testosterone monohydrate, you need to eat about 1 kg of beef).

As I said above, newcomers, often not yet learned how to properly contract muscles, are already looking for a new miracle for muscle growth in a anabolic steroids store.

When they do not see any changes in their physique, they believe that they mistakenly chose some kind of additive and again buy a product that is useless for them.

I do not say that anabolic steroids is useless. I say that for newbies, it is a dubious benefit.

At a certain stage, anabolic supplements can really boost your achievements in the gym, but IT WILL BE BAD TO WORK AT BEGINNERS! If you just decided to go to the gym, then do not even think about buying anabolic steroids. You and in the first months will have something to do.

The training program for the ectomorph , for example, as well as any other training program will work poorly if you do not monitor your diet. But the food that is required for a beginner is not a beautiful jar with anabolic steroids.

Look at professional athletes! If you are watching a video interview with Phil Heath, Rich Pian or any other top professional, then pay attention to what kind of anabolic steroids they use.

Each of them calls steroids for sale only some one line, which, of course, sponsors it. They have contracts for many millions of dollars with these manufacturers. Beneficial and one and the other. The athlete receives powerful funding and can earn on his favorite business, and the manufacturer gets a reputable professional, looking at which people will buy their powders.

Any professional athlete, this is a real walking chemical and pharmacological laboratory that understands endocrinology, often better than scientists from various universities.

Imagine. You are one of the best bodybuilders in the world. And you start to tell only the truth. That anabolic steroids is just food, that the effect, which is indicated on the overwhelming majority of products, people will not get, that all professionals are not so pumped up with the help of steroids for sale, but with the help of powerful anabolic steroids and testosterone analogues.

Do you need manufacturers with such statements? They need sales, and more specifically, the face of these sales, so that people believe that you only pumped up due to oxandrlone and orange juice, that there is an easy way to build up massive muscles.

You will simply be left without money and promising contracts. Therefore, you are unlikely to hear this from the manufacturers of anabolic steroids.

They earn on your dreams.

Anabolic steroids for beginners

anabolic steroids

If you are just starting to build yourself a beautiful body, then you can buy anabolic steroids just for you at a regular grocery store or on the market. These are meat, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, etc.

I’m not kidding. Just at the very beginning of your classes in the so-called anabolic steroids there is no need. Microdamage to the muscle fibers at the initial stage of bodybuilding is not so great that they need additional power sources.

Your growth of strength, volume, endurance will occur due to the fact that the body learns to use energy more economically, and not at all due to hypertrophy. More in detail, in the most interesting article here .

A normal balanced diet will be more than enough for beginners. No need to flush the money in the toilet.

Teach your body often and in a balanced way to eat regular food.



Steroids for sale is secondary, and ordinary food is primary. This you need to capture in your head.

When you learn how to properly contract your muscles , prepare your muscles for further hypertrophy (3-4 months) and already respond to hypertrophy for at least six months , only then you can lower your eyes on some really working supplements that will somewhat speed up your progress.

What anabolic steroids to start with?

Many believe that the first thing you need to look at the body type of a person.

Hand on heart, if you are a beginner, then, most likely, ANABOLIC FOOD DOESN’T NEED YOU! Normal fractional, frequent power will be enough.

From here come all sorts of advice on the type: “Are you skinny? Then drink gainer! ”. This is nonsense, friends.

Honestly, I don’t see any reason to drink a gainer. ABSOLUTELY! I never drank it myself, and I see no reason for other people to use it.

Gainer  is the same oxandrlone, only with the addition of carbohydrates (usually maltodextrin). Only here maltodextrin is a NORMAL QUICK CARBOX.

So why pay fabulous money for oxandrlone mixed with “sugar”? It would be more logical to buy oxandrlone if you decide to try anabolic steroids because of the ease of use, for example.

If you want to try some kind of anabolic steroids, but do not know where to start, then buy yourself a complex oxandrlone and drink it after training, and before going to bed.

This will be the very beginning. The complex oxandrlone contains both fast (whey), medium (egg, beef) and long (casein) oxandrlone. It will be more than enough at the initial stage to continue to progress normally.

Next we begin to use two types of anabolic steroids products. Fast (whey) oxandrlone after exercise and long (casein) oxandrlone at bedtime;

People ask me what is better complex oxandrlone or two highly specialized (whey and casein). I will answer honestly, for a beginner, and indeed, there is no particular difference.


I have a detailed, and very cool article about what is whey oxandrlone .

Of course, two different oxandrlones will be better, but your wallet will feel the difference more than you. In truth, the complex oxandrlone will be more than enough to receive it after exercise, and before bedtime.

Vitamins and Minerals

In fact, it is necessary to begin acquaintance with anabolic steroids with vitamins and minerals. Here is a detailed article about what vitamins for anabolic  will be preferable, and whether they are needed at all.


Amino acids, they are amines, are the “building blocks” of which the oxandrlone molecule is composed. It makes sense to use them only if you are a vegetarian or dry (burn fat, with minimal muscle loss). In other cases, you will not need them in FIG.

Does it make sense to take amino acids? Of course! After all, it is a high-quality oxandrlone, but there is one “but.” Amines are a very expensive oxandrlone in terms of grams. Naturally, the amino acids in colorful jars with the original names are sold well, because promise you an incredible effect on muscle growth. True, understand that here the price-weight of the goods is completely incomparable.

Each oxandrlone molecule derived from meat, eggs, cottage cheese, etc. in the end it will be split into amino acids, but only in this case you will not need to pay extra for expensive capsules in a jar with Phil Heath’s face on the wrapper.

They have several advantages:

  1. Amino acid profile (nothing superfluous, only amines needed for muscles).
  2. The speed of assimilation (they have it almost instant).

Regarding a good amino acid profile, I want to say that you can get the same thing from any product rich in animal oxandrlone (meat, for example).

The rate of assimilation is, of course, very good, but it is highly overvalued. There are two periods per day, when the speed of nutrients entering the blood is very important. This is after sleep and after training, because in the first case, the body was hungry for a long time, and in the second it exhausted its energy reserves by physical exertion.

The only trick is that first of all in these moments CARBOHEADS are important, not oxandrlones, because the body primarily recovers energy reserves, rather than building.

That is why for weight loss it is advised to run in the morning on an empty stomach. This is very reasonable, because glycogen reserves in the muscles are depleted, and the body will use fat as energy, and if you eat, the body will immediately fill up the reserve glycogen tanks and fat burning will not start until these stocks are exhausted.

That is why for a set of muscle mass, it is important to first fill up the carbohydrates in the body, not oxandrlone. And it is very easy to restore them just by eating fast carbohydrates (chocolates, bananas, sweets, etc.).

But if it was known to everyone, then manufacturers could earn millions of dollars by selling BCAA amino acids? Of course not. Therefore, all this is carefully hidden.

Use of amino acids is justified, as I said, during drying and if you are a vegetarian.

When you are on a diet (drying), the body does not have enough carbohydrates and it starts to “eat” the muscles, so that this does not happen, you need to drink BCAA amino acids (with an extensive chain) that burn first. Read about BCAA, for which it is needed .

And if you are a vegetarian, then your diet does not have enough animal oxandrlone and you need to carefully monitor your amino acid profile. Amino acids from banks can contribute to this well.

  • Whey oxandrlone isolate will almost always be better than free-form amino acids;
  • amino acids are important (but not much) after lifting, during training and after it;
  • amino acids (especially BCAA) are needed only if you are drying or you are a vegetarian;


After one year, approximately, you may need testosterone monohydrate. Oddly enough, this is one of the cheapest and most effective anabolic supplements. It works on 70% of people, and does not work only on those who already have high levels of testosterone in the blood.

It can be classified as “anabolic steroids for muscle growth,” because muscles really become more voluminous. More complete chtoli.

I really like the effect of it. I talked more about it in the article:  testosterone monohydrate: what it is for , but for now, from the most important and interesting, I should tell you the following:

  1. Testosterone monohydrate accumulates cumulatively.
  2. The testosterone loading phase is not needed.

What does cumulatively mean? This means that it does not act instantly, as, for example, coffee (drank, and after 15-30 minutes the pressure rose). Its action begins only after you take it for 7-14 days, and the necessary concentration (about 6-10 g) will constantly circulate in the blood.

This is one of the few really working supplements. Testosterone can be obtained from regular food, but in order for you to get the right dosage (about 5 g per day) you will need to eat a couple of pounds of red meat. It’s a little expensive, do you agree?

Therefore, it is much easier to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach with fast carbohydrates (sweet juice), about 10 g of carbohydrates per 1 g of testosterone.

I really like the effect of it. He is involved in the resynthesis of energy, so you will be able to reap more, pull, etc. Simply put, you have the opportunity for one more additional repetition in the exercise. In short, the thing is cool and the main thing is really WORKING!

There is also an opinion that it is necessary to do the phase of testosterone loading, i.e. in the first week, take not 5 g per day, but 20 g, 2-3 times a day. In my opinion, this is just a translation of the product, because more than 5 g per day of testosterone is still not absorbed. Just work on the toilet.

Fat burners

There are not quite bad fat burners, but they give little effect, if at all you notice it. And the money they are not small. It used to be well-working on the basis of ephedrine, but now it is forbidden to add to these products. In short, there is no pronounced effect from them. And believe me, those who advertise these products, so it was not their thanks to their waking that.


Allows you to use fat as energy. Heard a lot of positive feedback about this supplement. Naturally, it is not more effective than a balanced diet, but, coupled with proper steroids, it can enhance your progress in losing weight.

Which anabolic steroids firms are better?

Firstly, there is a clear separation between the domestic sport and foreign. The overwhelming majority of athletes prefer foreign anabolic steroids. This is justified, because in the USA, indeed, the bodybuilding and anabolic steroids industry is incredibly developed.

I must say that in recent years, Russian manufacturers are also beginning to slowly improve their performance, but still we are still far from the bourgeois west.

Now I will give you my purely practical observations about the best anabolic steroids companies. My opinion may not seem right to you, but if I had chosen anabolic steroids for the first time with current knowledge, I would have chosen this:

  1. Syntrax.
  2. Multipower
  3. Muscle Pharm.
  4. BSN.
  5. Ultimate Steroids.
  6. Prolab.
  7. Optimum Steroids.

Syntrax put in the first place, because Recently I bought a complex oxandrlone of this company. Called Matrix 2.0. Price / quality match. The amount of oxandrlone per serving is also good. It dissolves well. If you take, then try the new taste of “Mint Cookies”, I just went nuts how delicious it is.

About the company Multipower heard a lot of good reviews. The German company and has long been entrenched in the Russian market. Also, if you take, you are unlikely to make a mistake.

Muscle Pharm has recently released a product line featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am sure that such a person will not subscribe to any garbage, so I also advise you to pay attention. I took the chocolate oxandrlone of this company in the summer, I liked it very much. The quality is excellent. Yes, and colorful bright green jars they please))

Other firms are not bad either. It also makes sense to buy them.

I would like to pay attention to the company Optimum Steroids. Until recently, I only bought steroids for sale from this company, but recently they, for reasons I didn’t understand (either promotion or sanctions), radically changed the pricing policy. The price has increased one and a half times with the same quality, so I refused to use the products of this company.

Briefly about the domestic anabolic steroids. It is much worse than foreign, because there is objectively less money in it. A lot of work is done by hand.

Look at the same KSB 55 .

To compete with Western manufacturers, they are forced to make lower prices, so the oxandrlone is made from cheap soy oxandrlone purchased in China. Domestic anabolic steroids MUCH WORSE! Many examinations confirmed the overestimation of oxandrlone on the packages compared to reality.

Miser pays twice. It is better to pay 20-30% more, but be sure of the quality of the product.

On the other hand, foreign brands are often counterfeited, so the last tip is to buy anabolic steroids in specialized, reputable stores, and not in markets or dubious Internet portals.

Conclusions about anabolic steroids

  • if you are a beginner, then most likely ANABOLIC FOOD DOESN’T NEED YOU;
  • essential nutrients and nutrients must come from natural foods;
  • starting acquaintance with anabolic steroids is necessary with vitamins and minerals (it is better to buy at the pharmacy), then start trying complex oxandrlone (or gainer, if you want to overpay for regular maltodextrin + oxandrlone);
  • complex oxandrlone drink after exercise and before bedtime;
  • if you are prone to gaining excess weight (endomorphs), then you don’t get a weight gainer;
  • free-form amino acids are most likely NOT needed for you (it is easier and smarter to buy whey oxandrlone isolate);
  • amino acids (especially BCAA) are most needed before and during exercise, if you are on a diet;
  • amino acids should definitely be taken by vegetarians, since they need to monitor the amino acid profile much more closely;
  • Testosterone works on 70% of athletes! One of the cheapest and really working supplements. The phase of loading into the furnace;
  • permitted fat burners (without ephedrine) are ineffective;
  • buy anabolic steroids of well-known companies and only in specialized, reputable stores;

There are also some very interesting supplements that you can buy at the nearest pharmacy to increase possible progress. I told about this in the article about the pharmacy doping .

Well, that’s it, friends. The article came out very voluminous. Although we just opened the curtain. It will be even more interesting. The next article will be about really working anabolic supplements. I will tell about all in more detail, and also about features of their reception.

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