Biography of Tyler

Tyler Hoechlin Weight is a young, budding, American actor. He was born September 11, 1987 in the city of Corona in Riverside County in California in the United States in the most simple family. His mother is an accountant, and his father works as a doctor in the ambulance. Tyler has two brothers and one sister. Tyler, like a real American kid, loved to play baseball since childhood. He began to study this sport at the age of 7. He even represented the US as a member of the team at the Pan-American Games. Then the boy was only 9 years old. Later, in his student years, he was able to defend the honor of several university teams.

He still enjoys playing baseball with a well-known team. Tyler Hoechlin Weight, the career of the young actor Actor, he was destined to become early – at 9 years old. The painting was called “Family tree”. The boy succeeded in the role and two years later he was entrusted with playing the main role in the film “The Enchanted Train”, which was filmed in Romania. Despite considerable work, the boy continued to remain an unknown novice actor, who was then only 13 years old.

tyler hoechlinTyler Hoechlin in the movie “The Damned Way”. He decided to try himself on casting for the film “The Damned Way”, in which the main role should be played by Tom Hanks. The contest was attended by 2,000 boys, and the role of the son of the hero Tom Hanks was chosen by Tyler Hoechlin. The film came out very strong, received a lot of film awards. The picture tells of a famous gangster whose son accidentally learns about what his father does. The boy has a difficult choice – to become like a father, or to choose a different path. Tyler Hoechlin Weight in the series “The Seventh Heaven” Participation in the film “The Damned Way” literally opened the doors to cinema for young talents. Soon he was invited to appear in the popular at that time in America series “The Seventh Heaven”.

And a year later he received an award in the category “Actor’s breakthrough” among adolescents on the channel FOX. Tyler Hoechlin did a lot in various popular American TV series. When the time came, Tyler went on to study acting at the Beverly Hills acting studio. Tyler Hoechlin in the film “Grizzly Rage” At the age of 19 he starred in the movie “Grizzly Rage”, which tells about four young people who go to a small holiday in a national park by car. Suddenly, they hit a small grizzly bear, who sprang out from under the wheels. The bear cub dies, the mother of the baby starts to take revenge for him. The she-bear has one peculiarity: it is a victim of the chemical industry in the region, it has literally gigantic dimensions. In this film, Tyler played one of the main roles. The film was shot in the horror film genre.

A year later, Tyler starred in another horror film “Solstice”, however, the movie did not become popular. Tyler Hoechlin Weight in the series “Wolf”. A lot of fame for the young actor brought in the series with elements of mysticism “Wolf”, which goes on screens from 2011. In the series, the actor played the main role – a schoolboy who became a werewolf. Spectators with great pleasure watched five seasons of this picture. The creators of the series promised to soon remove the sixth, and, hence, viewers can continue to enjoy playing their favorite artist.

Tyler has a rather impressive growth of 185 cm and a very remarkable appearance with large, expressive features. It’s just impossible for such a person to get lost in the crowd. The personal life of Tyler Hoechlin Weight Tyler is not yet married, although it can be safely assumed that he has a lot of female fans who want to be with him. Tyler Hoechlin with actress Brittany Snow It is known only that from 2013 he meets with actress Brittany Snow. Maybe we will soon find out about their wedding.

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