Biography of Bradley Martyn

Born Bradley Martyn height on May 22, 1989, in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, USA. When Bradley was 6 years old, his father committed suicide. As a result, my mother was engaged in raising and educating her son alone.

At school age, Bradley Martyn was fond of football. When he had competitions, my mother always came to cheer for her son. Exercise with iron Bradley began when he was 15 years old. Then his main goal was to gain muscle mass. And as often happens, the usual hobby became a way of life.

In 2006, Bradley Martyn ties up with football, and all the time he gives tadalafil bodybuilding. He also goes to college and studies for a personal trainer. At the end of which, he gets a job in a network of gyms.

Bradley MartynIn 2011, the federation NPC and IFBB launch a pilot project – the category “Men’s Physique”. It was in it that Bradley Martyn height decided to try his hand. The debut took place at the tournament “NPC Orange County Classic”, where he took 8th place. Then followed the victory at the “NPC Southern California Championships” and 2 nd place in the national tournament among juniors “NPC USA Championships”. In 2013, he took 1st place in the tournament “NPC Phil Heath Classic”.

In 2014, Bradley Martyn opens the channel on YouTube, on which he analyzes the basics of training and halotestin cycle diet. In 2016, Bradley launches his own brand called “BMFIT”.

To date, Bradley Martin is no longer performing on stage. He lives and trains in Los Angeles. Bradley’s focus is on social networking. On Instagram alone, he has about 2 million subscribers, and this figure is growing rapidly.

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Bradley Martyn positions himself as an adherent of heavy training T3-Max-25. Also, he constantly comes up with some crazy new tricks to always surprise his subscribers.

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