How much does David Laid weight? He was born on January 29, 1998, in Tallinn, Estonia. Its weight is about 90 kilograms, and the growth is 188 centimeters.

David has Russian roots and he speaks fluent Russian. When he was 3 years old, he moved with his mother from Estonia to the United States of America.

david laidHe was always an active guy. Starting with the second class, David did a lot of hockey. He was very good at playing and from the second to the 9th grade he participated in several local championships. However, he did not feel that this sport drags him out, and the longer he engaged in it, the more he understood it.

In addition, David is very much complexed because of his unnatural thinness. With his growth of 188 centimeters, which he inherited from his father, his weight barely reached 60 kilograms. It was this complex that forced him to do bodybuilding in order to simply gain a few kilograms of muscle.

Soon he became very interested in this new sport for himself and finally abandoned hockey.

Popularity to David came after he uploaded a video about his transformation in the period from 14 to 16 years. The progress was so incredible that this video became viral.

At the time of this story, his video has gained more than 20.5 million views and they continue to increase.

It’s no surprise that representatives of a large sports clothing brand GymShark quickly noticed this media guy. They signed a sponsorship contract with him, and now David flies around the world, representing their interests.

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At the same time, he continues to observe the regime and trains 6 times a week, How much does David Laid weight. David prefers basic exercises and the power of execution. In nutrition, he tries not to fall below 5000 calories a day.

Since he inherited a very fast metabolism how much does David laid weight, he does not do cardio at all because of fear to burn muscles. David advises all thin teenagers who want to gain weight to dilute the sports diet with a variety of “harmful” foods with a lot of calories – whether it’s French fries or Coca-Cola. He believes that it is physically impossible for many to gain the necessary calorie for growth, eating from the beginning to the end correctly.

David does not plan to perform and trains exclusively in pleasure. According to him, he never used illegal drugs, while David is well versed in them, which he repeatedly demonstrated in his videos. Obviously, this knowledge he received from one of his friends. Well, you know how it happens. Your friend puts something to himself, and you, as a friend, naturally know the course of his course. Aha.

David is very popular on social networks. At the moment, over 372 thousand people have been signed on his profile on Instagram.

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