Biography of Jason Statham

Jason Statham was born July 26, 1967, in England in a family of musicians and dancers. Young Jason followed Jason Statham height the example of his parents and from childhood was engaged in a street play. The boy, besides this, was fond of football and practically professionally engaged in swimming, for twelve years was part of the England national team. However, as the actor himself later admitted, the sport was more of a hobby for him, in the most difficult times he had to deal with the sale of perfumes, and swimming, despite certain successes, did not bring any funds. Perhaps if the Jason Statham weight young man could earn a living, Hollywood would be left without Jason.

  • Name: Jason Statham
  • Birthday: July 26, 1967
  • Place of birth: Shirebrook, England
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg

Statham’s talented father was a singer and boxer. He taught his sons the same, the youngest of whom was Jason. He got it from his older brother, who trained on its fighting techniques. The actor simply could not engage in martial arts. Over time, he began to actively study jiu-jitsu, along with director Guy Ritchie.

The creative way of Jason Statham

Films and roles Statham’s career began at the moment when he noticed a model agent who was engaged in the selection of sports boys to advertise clothes. So Jason became the face of a brand of jeans. Simple earnings and the attention of others pushed the young man into the cinema. The owner of the modeling agency became the producer of the first film by Guy Ritchie “Cards, money, two trunks”. The film became a real sensation.

Thanks to the patronage of the modeling agency, Richie took Statham to work. The director needed a realistic protagonist, this role was successfully Jason Statham’s height performed by a beginner, still unknown to Jason Statham. In the next Richie‘s film “The Big Kush”, Statham was lucky to play along with real Hollywood stars – Dennis Farin, Brad Pitt. The role of the actor increased during the filming. However, despite all the success, Jason’s real triumph and career growth were in the 2000s, when he was noticed in American cinema.

jason statham height


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Most of the audience fell in love with the actor for his role in the ” Carrier “. Here he played the main role, demonstrated his physical training. Work in previous paintings improved the acting ability of the Englishman. ” Carrier ” really became a breakthrough in the professional life of the actor. During his work, Jason starred in several dozen paintings. Most of them are insurgents and blockbusters. The actor was remembered for a long time by millions of spectators around the world, as a courageous and strong hero. Of course, Statham did not remain without the attention of women.

Jason Statham’s training

One of the main characters of modern militants since childhood was fond of sports. Jason’s father was a boxer and gymnast, which naturally strongly influenced the love of Statham Jr.’s sport. Dad loved many martial arts and often involved his son in training. Jason was generally versatile in terms of the sport of young men. He was in the school football team for a long time. Well, a fact that is Jason Statham weight difficult to keep silent: Jason Statham 12 years, was in the British national team for diving. It also happens.

Jason is always in the perfect physical condition and regularly engages in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So the actor is a big fan of Crossfit. So, let’s consider his training.

Philosophy of training

The main principle of Jason is based on the fact that you must always change the exercises, in no case can not be long obsessed with the same training program. In many respects, therefore, he prefers the Crossfit to the usual “rocking chair”. Statham pays great attention to the warm-up. Before his crazy circular training, a good warm-up is definitely not a problem. He hates running tracks, so he prefers to warm up on a rowing machine.

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jason statham's training


The actor often uses exercises with his own weight. Only in one workout can he combine about 5 different types of push-ups. And the next day to arrange a holiday kettlebell lifting. It’s absolutely in his style – never to repeat, the maximum variety in the exercises! Statham trains 6 days a week and spends no more than an hour in the hall. The emphasis is always on Jason Statham height intensity. At this rate, it will be simply dangerous for health to stay in the hall for 2 hours.

Favorite Exercises

Where is such a serious guy without strength training, one of the exercises that he rarely changes – squats with a barbell on his chest or deadlift. As we have already understood, he is not a regular guy, so apparently, in these exercises, he has a special faith. Jason is a big fan of the pyramid rule, so he makes the same thrust in 4 sets of 5 repetitions with a constant increase in weight. If it’s squats with a barbell, then the principle is the same. As for squatting, Jason tries to take a 25% weight gain over his own.

Naturally, the actor can not do without supersets. To be more exact, he adores them, because, practically no training passes without them. More often you can find about such a combination of 2 supersets. The first: 4 sets of 10 repetitions (no more than a half minutes of rest between sets) – bench press, French press on triceps, the press of dumbbells in slope. The second: as many approaches and repetitions – tightening a narrow grip, an extension to the triceps, lifting dumbbells to the sides.
Many of Statham’s training activities are aimed at developing explosive power. Therefore, many of the actor’s exercises are built on jerks, and Jason is very fond of literally hurling medball. Well, in addition, weighed down and dynamic step exercises.

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Well, the main and favorite part of Statham is a circular training. These often include: lifting on the hands of an 8-meter rope, lifting the bent knees to the chest on the bar, a set of basic exercises (bench press, squat, stanovaya) with light weights, a “farmer’s walk” (hands along the body, in each of the weights, and stroll back and forth across the hall), “triple kick” (squeeze off the floor, then jerk the legs to the chest, and jump up). This is only part of Jason Statham height the exercises, which the actor constantly changes and alternates in different sequences.


jason statham height weight


It’s worth noting that Statham trains in an off-the-shelf gym, and in a special sports complex for Hollywood stuntmen, in this place, there are many more opportunities for Jason’s frantic training. By the way, another brutal in the literal sense of the word Statham’s exercise is “bear run”. Become a bear in a pose (hands and feet rest on the floor, and get up in a small accordion), then on your right hands and half-bent legs, run around the room back three times.

2 principles from Statham

  • Never repeat the same workout! It is clear that constantly inventing something new is very difficult, but at least change some details – it is quite real.
  • Record everything! Jason prefers to monitor his progress in writing. He gives the details of the number of approaches, weight, rest time between sets, and much more. Buy a notebook and closely monitor your workouts, so your effectiveness will increase noticeably.

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