Marc Fitt height weight is a Canadian citizen born in Montreal on September 10, 1990. From the age of two, under the guidance of his father, he began to master skates given to him for his birthday.

Anthropometric data:

height: 178 cm;
weight: 82-85 kg;
waist circumference: 73-74 cm;
the volume of the bicep: 42 cm;
percentage of body fat: 6%.


marc fittIn six years he began active training in hockey, with every year showing more and more good results. From the age of 12, when the teenager started strength training, he was drawn into classes in the gym. Without a professional bodybuilding coach, Mark independently developed his training program, combining it with hockey, which finally left at nineteen, deciding to devote himself entirely to bodybuilding.

After receiving the consent of the parents to change sport preferences, Marc Fitt started training in a professional fitness club, where he was able to get personal trainer advice. Possessing excellent external data, the athlete is in demand in Canada as a fitness model, while actively developing his acting skills, which has already shown in advertising and social video projects.

Also, the main employment of Marc Fitt height weight, in addition to regular training, is to train newcomers and prepare programs for proper nutrition. Also, the sportsman conducts his video blog on YouTube hosting, which has more than 260 thousand subscribers.

Mark also has a personal website designed to organize orders for real and virtual training. The main dream of an athlete is to try yourself in competitive bodybuilding.

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Training program

Marc Fitt’s height weight is an active promoter of natural bodybuilding without steroids and medications. The athlete is engaged seven times a week, believing that due to the right balanced diet his body can get free to the next workout. The program written on the days of the week looks like this:

  • Monday: press, breast, calves;
  • Tuesday: press, back;
  • Wednesday: press, feet;
  • Thursday: press, shoulders;
  • Friday: press, biceps, triceps, calves;
  • Saturday: press, feet;
  • Sunday: press, caviar, cardioversion for choice.

According to Marc Fitt’s height weight, a special result brings a shock to the muscles, for which the athlete changes the training plan every week. On the performance of exercises, the sportsman allocates to 3 hours daily. Between repetitions, rest does not exceed 45 seconds. The number of repetitions in each exercise depends on the weight and group of muscles and varies from 8 to 15 repetitions.

The training program of Marc Fitt height weight necessarily includes exercises that are inherent in extreme power and CrossFit, as well as exercises with their own weight.

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