No matter how much the modern press claims that the fashion for rounded, feminine forms is now returning, we still strive to lose weight. A slender, graceful and sporty figure gives any image additional charm. The main thing is to find the best way to keep yourself in good shape. Running in the morning for weight loss – one of the most common and recommended means to achieve this goal. Everything, at first glance, obviously, one has only to start to engage in this sport – and the result will not take long. But just this first step is so difficult to do …

How to trick your laziness and start training?

Yes, it is she who is lazy-mother makes us think — I will buy a beautiful tracksuit — then I will run. Bought a suit – the weather is something wrong. I’ll wait for Monday – then I’ll start. And it can last forever. And you just need to find your personal motivation to practice this sport. Consider several options that can help start running regularly.

First option

We need to find a couple of girlfriends, who can also be carried away by the idea of running for weight loss, get a pretty sports suit and go to the stadium. As a rule, there is also a company of people who are passionate about running, as well as a certain number of spectators. In general, you can get a great company, which will be interesting and to communicate, and do not forget about running to support good fitness. This option of motivation can be used for sociable extroverts.

Second option

For self-absorbed and thoughtful introverters, it is better to choose a run in the park. Running aggravates all sensations, the beauty of foliage pierced by the morning rays, the gentle emerald green of herbs, the singing of birds … This will help you more clearly to feel all the magic of the world, to break away from everyday fuss. Imagine? And all this can be especially acutely felt in the process of running, you just need to just take the first step.


running in the morning


Everyone should think about how to stimulate themselves for sports. Moreover, if you just start, the passion for running will come, because there is a purely physiological reason for this – when running, the hormones of joy and pleasure – endorphins are released. How much benefit and pleasure you can get from a simple run!

However, it can be argued that all this is lyricism, but what is the specific benefit to the body of running in the morning for losing weight?

Regular morning runs – this is useful and pleasant.

Besides the fact that morning jogging gives an excellent impulse for the whole day and helps maintain a great mood, there are a number of reasons that inspire us to practice this particular sport, especially if you run correctly:

  • There is a training and strengthening of all muscles, including the heart, which is especially important.
  • All organs are more actively supplied with blood, and the improvement of the blood supply is an excellent stimulus for recovery.
  • The organism becomes more enduring, the immunity becomes stronger. As a result, the threat of getting the flu and other colds is reduced.
  • The metabolic rate increases, and the amount of so-called “bad” cholesterol becomes less.
  • The body is actively getting rid of toxins.
  • If you regularly run, it significantly reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis in adulthood. This means correct running ensures mental activity in old age. Do not forget that youth is not eternal and you should think about your condition at a more advanced age.
  • And, finally, calories are actively burned. But how long should the training last for this? We must remember – even if you run correctly, weight loss begins only after 30 minutes of running.


benefits of running in the morning


How to train to burn extra pounds?

In order to run in the morning for weight loss was really effective and brought the maximum health benefits, you need to follow some rules:

  • Properly start running with short runs. How long should they last? Not more than 10 minutes. Better yet, start your workout with athletic walking. Even if you do jogging regularly, a sharp mobilization of all the forces in the morning, when the body is not yet fully awake, can adversely affect the functioning of the heart, and indeed of the whole organism. So the first rule – the load should increase gradually.
  • If you warm up well before running, warm your muscles, do some stretching exercises, then the training will be easier and more pleasant.
  • If you dress properly for a run, then it will be more comfortable to train. For this fit sportswear made from natural “breathable” fabrics.
  • In order to lose weight, you need to gradually bring the running time to forty or even sixty minutes. To get rid of excess weight, it is worth remembering that fat burning begins only after 30 minutes of continuous running.
  • It is important to consider how many workouts you need to do per week. The most optimal amount of training is three days a week. So the body has time to relax, but the effect of training is preserved.
  • You can run in your rhythm, do not force yourself to run faster, spend more energy. If it is convenient, then it is better for jogging to lose weight . With this type of running, it is recommended to put the feet very carefully, they should work like springs. First, the toe is lowered to the ground, then smoothly roll the foot onto the heel.
  • Proper breathing while running is very important. Here you need to listen to your condition. Experienced coaches advise when jogging to adhere to the breathing mode, in which breath is taken for two steps, and also for two steps an exhalation is made. With increasing experience of running and strengthening the body, you can go to a deeper breathing rhythm: inhale to do in the rhythm of four steps, and also to exhale.
  • It is advisable to use abdominal breathing while running, that is, to breathe in the stomach. With this type of breathing, the lower part of the lungs is activated, which in normal life and during normal breathing is almost not involved at all. So we relieve the lower part of the lungs from stagnation.
  • In order to always control your condition while running, you need to consider how many heartbeats per minute occur. To find your individual heart rate rhythm, you need to subtract the number of full years from 220. And then multiply the number obtained by 0.6 – we get the lower limit of the pulse, multiplying by 0.8, we get the upper limit of the pulse.

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