“Idol of all youngsters”, “Canadian singer”, “favorite singer of girls under 12” – as soon as they do not call the popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber aged 18, born in 1994. Despite his young age, criticism of his appearance and “snotty” songs, Bieber was able to achieve in 19 what many of his colleagues did not reach and in 30: the worldwide fame and love of millions of fans (mostly female fans).

The only problem that constantly bothers Justin Bieber and who is most often criticized is his overly feminine and youthful appearance. It would seem that the image of the “eternal high school student” forever stuck to poor Bieber, although he has already reached adulthood.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
In the photo, Justin Bieber with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez: then the converging, the parting couple seems to have finally disintegrated and now Bieber and Gomez are just friends Justin Bieber aged 18.

But Justin Bieber would not have become so popular if he did not have the “champion” purposefulness! Therefore, in 2013, he decided to work hard to create a more courageous image of himself beloved. First of all he did some tattoos. Then he enrolled in the gym and began to swing violently. As you may have guessed, Justin Bieber’s diet is not aimed at losing weight, but on a set of muscle mass without a set of fat.

He was made by a personal nutritionist Justin Bieber age 17. Along with regular attendance of the gym Bieber is forced to eat strongly according to the hyperprotein menu, which we will give below. And to eat for a set of muscle mass Biber needs at least 5 times a day! That’s really where you really need dedication – how much there is!

justin bieber age 17

justin bieber

As you can see from the photos, hard workouts and proper nutrition can transform anyone, even a “Canadian singer”. We wish Good luck to Justin Bieber in training and proper nutrition, because very soon we will be able to see the new manly appearance of the pop singer.

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