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Usain Bolt Body Fat is a Jamaican athlete, athlete, specializes in short-distance running, and is considered the fastest person on the planet. Usain eight times climbed to the top step of the Olympic podium and 11 times became the world champion, which is considered the highest achievement in the history of these competitions.

Bolt set world records at all distances in which he participated, and continues to remain undefeated in the 100 and 200-meter races. Among fans, Usain Bolt is famous under the nickname “Lightning”.

Athlete Usain Bolt

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Usain was born and raised in Jamaica, in the village of Sherwood Content Usain Bolt body fat. Father Wellesley Bolt owned his own grocery store, and Jennifer’s mother ran a farm and raised three children: in addition to Usain, the oldest daughter, Sherin, and the youngest son of Sadiki grew up in the family.

As a child, Bolt did not think of anything except sport. Up to 10 years, the boy was completely focused on football and cricket, and instead of the ball, the guys in the yard used an orange. And only after going to the middle classes at William Nibb School weight of Usain bolt, Usain got to the track and field athletics coach. He paid attention to the starting speed of the boy and persuaded him to throw cricket and run. At the age of 12, the boy was already a district champion, and in junior schoolchildren, Jamaica took second place in the 200 meters race.


The highest potential Usain Bolt body fat began to show in children’s, junior and junior competitions. By the time of reaching adulthood, the athlete already had a number of significant victories at the international level and world records for athletes of his age.

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At the world championships in track and field athletics weight of Usain bolt first won the medal in 2007. It happened in Japanese Osaka: Bolt at a distance of 200 meters and in the team relay race achieved a silver award. These were the last competitions with which Usain left, not becoming the best. Subsequently, Usain won the World Championship 11 times and became Olympic Champion 8 times.

Usain’s ninth gold medal, which he received in the 400-meter Jamaican national team run during the Beijing Olympics, was canceled due to a positive doping test from one of the runners – Nesta Carter. The gold was also lost by the Jamaican Michael Freiter and Asafa Powell.

Usain Bolt constantly improves its own results and beats world and Olympic records, continuing to remain the fastest sportsman in the world. The doctors studied the phenomenon of the Jamaican runner and concluded that the reason for the amazing records is the genetics of the athlete. One-third of Bolt’s muscles consist of super-fast muscle cells, which allow you to at least 30 years ahead of the standard athlete. In addition, the beautiful physical shape, height – 195 cm, and weight – 94 kg allow the athlete to achieve impressive results.

The average length of the Usain Bolt step during the race is 2.6 meters, and the peak speed is 43.9 km per hour. It is hard to imagine that one of the contemporaries of Jamaica can make a competitor serious competition, even though the reaction at the start of Bolt does not exceed the average.

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Usain announced that the 2016 Olympics, which was held in Brazilian Rio de Janeiro, will be the last in his career. Before the competition, Bolt was injured. The performance was in jeopardy, but Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfarth, who works with the German national football team, helped to recover before the first distance in 100 m. Within a few days, the doctor eliminated the pain syndrome and brought the injured muscles of the athlete into working condition. As a token of gratitude, Usain gave Miiller-Wolffart gold spikes, in which he broke the record in 2009.

The runner counted on a 200-meter stretch to put a new world record, but it did not happen. Having won Olympic gold in Rio, the Jamaican athlete could not beat his own record. Nevertheless, sports biography athlete has already entered the history of big sports as a unique example.

Personal life

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Usain Bolt was not married, but the personal life of the runner did not standstill. The sportsman met with economist Misikan Evans, TV presenter Tanesh Simpson, British model Rebecca Paisley, Slovak couturier Lubica Kutserova, English athlete Megan Edwards. The last publicly known novel by a Jamaican runner was with compatriot April Jackson, who is known in the homeland as a model.

In late 2009, Usain Bolt traveled to Kenya and during this voyage took responsibility for the life of a three-month cheetah, whose parents were killed by poachers. The Jamaican athlete bought the “kitten”, which he called Lightning. Each year, the athlete pays for maintenance at the animal shelter in Nairobi.

Now Usain Bolt’s body fat permanently lives in the capital of Jamaica, Kingston, and trains based on the student stadium of the University of the West Indies. The runner is considered the highest-paid athlete in the world. And the overwhelming part of the annual income is not at all prize-winning victories, but payments for advertising and sponsorship contracts. Another article of the runner’s income is a restaurant called “Tracks & Records” in Kingston.

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Usain has an impressive fleet of vehicles, which includes three “Ferrari”, the total cost of which is $ 600 thousand, as well as a car for everyday walks – BMW M3. An interesting fact is that the driver prefers to be barefoot while driving.

Bolt still loves cricket and football, and prefers the English Premier League, which is a fan of the club, “Manchester United.” Bolt closely monitors the work of the players of your favorite team. In 2009, the runner noted shortcomings in the game Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player of the “Red Devils”. After a while, the runner and the football player met to exchange experiences. According to Usain, Ronaldo needed to hold the vertical position of the body while running, which would prevent frequent falls that happened to the player. According to the athlete, after joint training, Cristiano began to bring the club 40 goals scored per year Usain Bolt body fat.

Usain Bolt himself claims that he could play for this team since the speed would allow him to level the difference in technique with professional football players. As evidence, the athlete even took part in the training of the football club. And soon on his own account in “Instagram” posted a photo in the form of a club from South Africa “Mamelodi Sundowns.”

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